The use of interactive navigation system DIRECTORIX™ allows to get a number of unique advantages for different business actors.

For example, below there is a list of advantages for the use of interactive navigation system Directorix™ in commerce-centers.

For owners and managers

  • New revenue stream
  • New service for tenants
  • Effective communication tool, which dramatically decreases communications cost
  • Additional information channel
  • Quick directory updates (interactive map and all data)
  • People stream management

For tenants

  • Trade mark advertising
  • Effective advertising of products and services
  • Increase customer traffic getting customers in places with low footfall
  • Effective tool for communications about promotion

For visitors

  • Quick search of shops, infrastructure elements, café and restaurants etc.
  • Easy to use navigation
  • All promotions are in one place with localisation service
  • Effective communication tool
  • Getting up-to-date information by hours and even by minutes

In addition to basic functional modules, any custom functionality is available by your request.

Want to know which advantages will be available for your company? Just ask us right now!

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