Modular platform with the ability to connect additional non-interactive digital screens with centralized management of the complex. Directorix™ navigation platform provides a comprehensive set of features necessary for successful orientation in any building or complex architectural space.

System allows visitors quickly get information about the companies, stores, departments, goods and services. Directorix allows you to create and distribute any materials, including videos, flash videos, text, graphics, etc.

Main Functions
Interactive multilevel map (including outdoor facilities i.e. bus, subway stops, parking etc.)
2d & 3d maps support
Information about locations, facilities and services
View and print the directions to the location
Parametric Search (alphabetic, category, Company name, keyword)
Detailed information about selected location
Informative messages (news, announcements)
Detailed usage statistics and reporting
Accessibility for people with disabilities
Adjustable kiosk standby/sleep mode
Offline mode support
Emergency mode
3-d user interface

Scalable interface with unlimited content3d user interface
Routing Indoor & Outdoor

  • Detailed floor plan of the shop or mall

  • Interactive map of the surrounding area (including parking, bus stops etc.)

  • Key points of a route including escalators, lifts etc.

  • Support routs for disabled people
Interactive widgets
  • Weather forecasts, currency rates, traffic information, shuttle bus schedule etc.
interactive widgets

Smart Ads

Large animated banners in standby mode
  • Visible from a distance

  • Always at eye level

  • Interactive, leads to rich information or route to a store
Large animated banners in standby mode
  • Visible for customers passing by

  • Do not interfere with user operations

  • Interactive, leads to rich information or route to a store
Context ads
  • Shown near the shop/services descriptions

  • Shown in search results (in context to the search query)

  • Interactive, leads to rich information or route to a store
Smart Advertising

  • Make selfie and send it to e-mail

  • Logo placement

  • Data gathering (user agreement required)

  • Could be used for contests, social media etc.
selfie-box functionality
  • Scenarios with targeting by the day of the week, time of the day
  • Choose a gift by different criteria (including price)

  • Show route to the store location

Analytics and reporting

  • Quantity of users (with breakdown by day/time etc.)

  • Popularity of queries
    (including queries with negative result)

  • New/returning customers
    (requires mobile analytics features)

  • Visitor flow analytics

  • Customer profiles
Directorix Analytics
Floor plan designer

  • Functionality to create and modify all floor maps without external graphic design software

  • Setting up external layers with external maps (i.e. Google maps, etc.)
Floor plan designer
Mobile integration

  • Positioning inside the building

  • The hybrid positioning technology, which determines location based on the data Wi-Fi data and geomagnetic fields

  • Mobile analytics and reports

  • The number and quality of visitors, routes, time spent in the shop, and so on.

  • Android / iOS platforms (Apple)
Directorix Mobile

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