Showing visitors how to find their way around a large facility or building complex is not an easy task. And no matter what type of company, organization or institution you have, the routes are always dynamic. There are adjustments due to renovations, maintenance or spaces that change ownership.

Additionally, new visitors to the facility need to know how to get to the right place, appointment or find their favorite store. Using the Directorix platform to create a digital wayfinding strategy enables you to easily adjust routes and maps and lead your visitors to the right place easily and quickly.

Interactive wayfinding

When people visit your facility, you want to make a good impression by greeting and guiding them from the moment they step through the doors.

Use convenient self-service kiosks with interactive wayfinding maps and directories to help visitors navigate your building or campus. We’ll help you provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, intuitive format using touchscreen technology.

With interactive wayfinding and directories you can:

  • Choose 100% custom or templated designs.
  • Display directories tied to map locations.
  • Connect to mobile devices with QR codes and SMS.
  • Show full-screen or integrate with traditional digital signage.
  • Use databases to feed directories for easy updates.

Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire campus, our designers can tailor a wayfinding solution that meets your needs. Include directories for staff, departments, rooms and events showing visual paths from the kiosk to the destination. We can also build in quick reference buttons to find elevators and restrooms.

We don’t just stop at the design. Our creative team works with your facility planners, marketing experts and project managers to concept, design, implement and test your interactive wayfinding kiosks.

Directorix can build 100% custom interactive wayfinding and directories, or you can brand our more affordable templated options. No matter what, we’ll help you improve your visitor experience.

Digital signs

You communicate with multiple audiences each day, so you need a centralized tool that’s easy, flexible and scalable enough to connect people and ideas across the entire organization. Directorix gives you enterprise-class product to reach your employees, students and visitors with real-time updates.

Whether you’re messaging to just one screen or to locations around the globe, our Directorix Sign enterprise digital signage software lets you publish dynamic visual communications for higher engagement, morale and motivation.

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